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So today we’re talking about Botox. We all hear people talk about it. I’m sure we’ve all heard it. Our friends are talking about it, but who’s doing it? Are they talking about it and doing it? Or just talking about it? Are they curious? Recently, I got a massage, and my massage therapist asked me what I do and where I work. I told her about what I do for work and that I’ve been in the esthetics industry for 15 years. She said, “I’m guessing you do Botox.” She proceeded to tell me how she thought the only people that got Botox were old. She said that she’s realized she thinks that she’s the last person in America who hasn’t tried it yet. I assured her that wasn’t the case, but if she talked about how she keeps finding out that her friends and neighbors who she never would’ve expected are getting Botox. I’m here to tell you – they are. 

Commonly Asked Botox Questions

A lot of people don’t talk about it. Some people like to keep it secret. I’m here to answer some questions for you today. I’m talking about the commonly asked questions about Botox. If you haven’t tried it, this is going to be beneficial for you. If you have tried it, you already love it, I know you do. I always tell my friends, “If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re going to try it and you’re going to ask yourself why you waited so long.” 

So the things I’m going to cover today – what is Botox? Where do you get Botox? Who is a candidate for Botox? 

What Is Botox?

It’s a neurotoxic protein, and it prevents the release of the neurotransmitter from the axon endings in the neuromuscular junction. Did that make sense? Well in layman’s terms, it causes freezing of the muscle. So another question you might have is, “Is Botox safe?” Yes! It’s safe. Some people think botulinum toxin sounds very scary. When you are dosed with Botox, the actual amount is so small there is no risk. The key to having a good experience with Botox is going to an experienced injector. Go to someone who knows what they’re doing. That will ensure you love it and have a great result. 

Where Do You Get Botox?

There’s so much misinformation and miscommunications about Botox. Have you seen someone or heard someone talk about someone that has really big lips and they say “Oh, they get too much Botox!”? Well that’s incorrect. You don’t actually inject Botox in the lips. Those are dermal fillers, which I’m going to get into in another segment. Today we’re just talking about Botox. Again, Botox’s primary focus is to freeze wrinkles and eliminate more wrinkles from forming. 

After years and years of making the same facial expressions, we start to form what are called “static lines.” Now, if you’re unsure of what those are, look in the mirror. Smile big. Make a mad face. When you make either of those faces, do you see lines forming in your skin? Now stop making the mad face. Are those lines still there? If they are, those are static lines. So if you have permanent static lines, the Botox will prevent those from becoming deeper. It will soften those lines. But in order to eliminate those lines, you can eliminate them and soften them with chemical peels, medical-grade products, or even fill them with dermal fillers – which, again, we’ll talk about in another week.

The most common areas for getting Botox are across your forehead (your excited lines), between your eyebrows when you make that mad or frustrated face (you may refer to those as your 11 lines or a 1 line), the crow’s feet, and the around your smile lines. You can also get Botox in the platysmal bands in your neck. That will soften those muscles. You can get it in the jaw and that helps with lock jaw, TMJ, headaches, and it can even soften that jawline, giving you a more feminine jawline. You’ve probably heard of the lip flip. This can be achieved with just a couple units around your lip. The Botox will relax your lips, giving them a more pouty look without any dermal fillers. You’ve probably heard of Botox for seating. This works fantastically as well.

Who Is a Candidate for Botox?

Anyone is a great candidate for Botox. If it’s your first time, focus on one area that you want to look at or try. If it’s just in between your eyebrows or maybe just the crow’s feet around your eyes, try one area. See how you like it. I know you will. Once you do, you can go back in next time and treat more areas or maybe you’ll just go back the following week and treat everything. That’s up to you. But I know you’ll love it! 

What Can I Expect From the Treatment?

It’s a very simple treatment. You can go in on your lunch break or when you’ve dropped your kids off at soccer practice. It’s very easy. Some people worry about the pain of Botox. The needles are so tiny – they’re insulin syringe needles – and you can hardly even feel them. Once you’ve consulted with your practitioner and decided what areas you want to treat, the actual treatment takes less than 20 minutes. 

Make sure you do your research and choose a safe facility and are injected by someone who has a lot of training and experience.


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