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Deep Chemical Peels

When you hear of someone doing a chemical peel, you often envision their skin looking burnt, peeling off in sheets, and a little bit scary. This is not always the case. There are multiple options for you depending on what you want to address and what fits your personal schedule. 

Yes, there are deep chemical peels. These can cause peeling similar to what you look like post-sunburn. You may experience peeling and sensitivity for four to 10 days. When you are doing a deep peel, plan ahead with your personal schedule. You may want to arrange a time when you don’t have any social events and can hunker down and be home for a few days. 

Light Chemical Peels

There are options with light peels as well. With light peels, you don’t experience any peeling or shedding of the skin. These are great because you don’t have to plan for any social downtime. In fact, I personally love doing a light chemical peel right before an event. It gives my skin a nice, fresh glow. My makeup goes on really evenly. Those are my favorite times to do a light peel.

Chemical Peel FAQ

Now, I want to talk about three common questions that my friends ask me about chemical peels. Hopefully this answers some questions you might have, too.

  • How do I know if I should get a deep or a light peel?

That’s a good question. Every patient’s going to be different, but go ahead and look in the mirror. When you look at your skin, what do you see? Do you have concerns like a patch of melasma or other pigment concerns like sunspots, aging, crepey skin, acne, or breakouts? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re a great candidate for a medium to deep chemical peel. Any of these concerns can be addressed with a deep chemical peel, which will do a fantastic job achieving great results with a series of treatments.

If you look in the mirror and your skin just has a few mild pigment concerns but you still have youthful skin, you’re a great candidate for maintaining your skin with a few light chemical peels each year. It keeps your skin healthy. You can maintain a youthful glow. And honestly, it fills that bucketlist with just a little bit of “you” time — and we all feel better when we take care of ourselves.

  • Do chemical peels hurt?

I get that question a lot. Is it painful? Can I tolerate it? Every patient has a different level of pain tolerance, which is normal. But I would never say a chemical peel hurts. I like to explain that sometimes they feel a little hot, spicy, or tingly. Some patients experience itching. All of these feelings only last for a few minutes, and then they dissipate. You no longer feel anything. There’s no pain — it’s easy!

  • What do I do after a chemical peel?

Taking care of your skin post-chemical peel may be the most important part of getting a chemical peel. Make sure after your chemical peel you’re using proper home care. Sunscreen is an absolute must every single day. If you’re spending time and money coming in for a chemical peel (or any skin service, for that matter), you need to protect your investment by using proper cleanser, hydration, and again, a good SPF. When you go to the dentist for your yearly visits, can you imagine not brushing your teeth everyday and continuing to maintain dental health? Skin care is the same. If you go in for visits or facials or chemical peels or any sort of treatment, going home and taking care of your skin is just as important. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin to keep your face beautiful every day.

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