Extractions — I know you all do it!

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Today, we’re talking extractions. How many of you have a magnifying mirror in your bathroom? Is it the best worst thing you own? It is that way for me. I just can’t resist that mirror taunting me to take a closer look. Well take a deep breath. You are beautiful. Go ahead and tell yourself: You are beautiful and no one, I mean NO ONE, looks good in a magnifying mirror.

If you’re still listening and interested, you most likely also follow Dr. Pimple Popper — am I right? If not, you’re probably looking them up right now. If you’re still interested, keep listening. I’ve got some helpful tips for you on how you can safely do extractions at home. 

Clean Your Face First

First, use a product like an alpha hydroxy acid, a beta hydroxy acid, tretinoin, or an exfoliant. That is going to keep your pores clean, preventing buildup that causes breakouts or blackheads, giving you less to pick at.

Limit Your Mirror Time

Second, give yourself a time limit in front of the mirror. Honestly, if I didn’t set a timer and give myself a limit in front of the mirror, I would scan my entire face and pick at every possible spot. I know I’m not the only one. The truth is, we all have something to pick at — but it doesn’t mean we should! 

Take Care of Extractions After a Hot Shower

Third, if you have some extractions that you need to take care of, the most ideal time to do so is after a hot shower. After a hot shower, your body temperature has been raised, softening the skin as well as the oil in the pore. This makes extractions much easier. If the blackhead or pimple doesn’t release easily, try again tomorrow! Move on. Sometimes we try and we try and it’s not ready to come out. That is causing more damage to your skin. You’re going to create a sore, an infected pore, or potentially even a scar.

Use Q Tips or an Extraction Tool

Fourth, doing extractions at home, you can use q tip ends or an extraction tool for an easier extraction. When extracting, make sure you have pressure on two sides of the clogged pore. Apply slow, even pressure in a downward direction towards the skin, not squeezing over the top and pinching off skin. Occasionally readjust and position your pressure so you’re not putting constant pressure in one area. If done correctly, this can be less damaging to the skin. You’re not pinching over the skin with your fingers and your nails.

To watch examples on how to correctly use q tips or extractors at home, there is a lot online. My personal favorite is Dr. Pimple Popper. 

Calm the Skin After the Extraction

Fifth, post-extractions you need to calm the skin. You can use an ice pack or an ice cube to calm that area. Try a calming mask to eliminate any redness, swelling, or irritation. 

I hope these tips personally help you — or maybe you can share these tips with a teen or someone picking their beautiful face.

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