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Never Been to a Medspa? Here’s Why You Should Try

The Best of Both Worlds

If you’ve never been to a medspa, you’re missing out. Medspas (short for ‘Medical Spa’) offer medical grade aesthetic procedures in a relaxing day spa atmosphere. While traditional day spas offer light cosmetic services, the goal of a medspa is deeper transformation with longer-lasting results.

At Elase, you can get the best of both worlds: The ambience is tranquil like a day spa—the perfect place to relax and enjoy being pampered—while our menu gives you a broad list of medical aesthetic corrective and enhancing services from which to choose.

The Menu

Like day spas, medspas have a menu of treatment options to choose from based on your desires. But at medspas, the depth of services is greater. Here’s a sample of what Elase can do for you:

  • For Your Skin
    • Relaxants like BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles and soften the skin
    • Fillers to restore volume loss, mold the jaw, cheeks, lips, nose, temples, smile/from lines, and correct scars
    • Laser skin rejuvenation to treat active acne, acne scarring, large pores, fine lines, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, and rough skin texture
    • Targeted facials for acne, anti-aging, hydrating, and calming
    • Chemical peels to increase cellular turnover, remove dull skin, clear acne, lighten hyperpigmentation, exfoliate skin and smooth texture
    • Microdermabrasion to refresh your skin through exfoliation and stimulation
    • Micropen to help stimulate collagen growth and penetrate products deeper into the skin (one of our most popular services)
  • For Your Body Hair: Laser Hair Removal
  • For That Fat

Your Visit

When you visit, you’ll fill out a New Client form to help us understand the unique history and needs of your body.  You can tell us about the history of your skin, allergies, and any known concerns your Master Esthetician should know about.

At Elase, we offer free consultations for all of our services.  You’ll meet with a Client Services Director to talk about the services you are interested in, ask any questions and share any concerns, and learn about the treatments.

From there, you can choose and schedule your treatments with the team and begin to reap the benefits of a world-class medspa—Elase!