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How was your summer? Did you spend a lot of time in the sun? I sure hope so! I hope it was filled with beautiful days at the lake, the beach, pool days with the family, maybe even some yard work. Ahh… there’s nothing quite like soaking up some vitamin D. 

However you spent your summer, it’s time to do a little post-summer skin reviving. 

As the summer is over, we start to lose some of that tan, that glow, and you may notice some dullness to your skin — especially if you live in a cold, dry climate like myself. You may notice new sunspots. Even if you were diligent in wearing your sunscreen, they have a way of creeping in regardless. But don’t worry! Those can be taken care of. If you’re like me and love instant gratification, you are going to love hearing about this treatment. If you have sunspots bothering you, you’re going to love it even more!

Intense Pulse Light Treatment

Now, if you didn’t know, there’s a treatment with little downtime to say bye bye to those sunspots in as little as a week’s time! You may have heard of a photofacial or an IPL. These are the same thing even though people call them different things. An IPL is an intense pulse light. 

How Does IPL Work?

An IPL uses light energy to specifically target and correct reds and browns or splotchy skin. 

When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells. Now unlike lasers, an IPL device sends out more than one wavelength, pulsating light. This is how it can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time. If you want to do a treatment to get rid of your sunspots, an IPL is for you!

What to Expect With IPL

Make sure you’re a good candidate for this treatment. A medical spa or dermatology office will ensure this happens so you can get a safe and effective treatment. I personally recommend a numbing cream. It makes the treatment easier, and I always say that if it’s available and you can make yourself more comfortable, why not do it? 

When you come in for your treatment, you’ll feel some heat on the skin. It’s nothing unbearable, and you may experience that heat for the rest of the day or a few hours. Over the next two to three days, you will see those sunspots and that pigment pull to the surface. I usually tell people it looks like coffee grinds on the skin. It’s a little raised and a little darker. At about five to seven days, you’ll start seeing those flake off. Don’t pick! Let them slough off on their own. Don’t ever speed up the process of peeling. It will harm your skin. 

At about seven to ten days, you should see that most of those spots have peeled off and your skin has a glow again. This treatment gives me so much instant gratification. I love seeing the results! I know you will love it, too.

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