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At Elase We’re Grateful for SKIN CARE!



It is the month of gratitude and there are few things we are more grateful for than medical grade skin care! At Elase, we offer some of the market’s greatest and most effective medical grade skin care lines and products. When combined with monthly skin care treatments, your skin care products can help accelerate your results and keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Here are the 5 reasons why it’s important to incorporate medical grade skin care into your every day routine:

  1. Medical grade skin care is backed by science and there is an abundance of research that guarantees the best results for your skin concerns. 
  2. Not only can medical grade skin care repair current damage, but it can also prevent further skin issues and keep your skin young and healthy. 
  3. The concentration of ingredients in medical grade skin care is greater than the alternatives meaning you’re getting the best bang for your buck!
  4. Medical grade skin care is required by the FDA to use 99% pure ingredients which ensures safety and effectiveness. This is not required of drug store products. 
  5. Medical grade skin care is sold by trained professionals who are able to recommend the best and most effective products for you.

To find the perfect products for you and to help you feel as grateful for your products as we are, click here (link to our products page) or come in for a FREE Skin Consultation.