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Exfoliate and radiate

Chemical Peels


Ready to get skin deep?

Chemical peels are non-invasive treatments that rejuvenate and improve the texture and appearance of your skin. By applying a chemical solution to the skin, these peels exfoliate the outermost layer, stimulating cell turnover and revealing a fresher, healthier complexion beneath.

What it treats

Melasma, Sun Damage, Scarring, Uneven Skin Tone, Acne & Blemishes, Fine Lines, Skin Texture, Enlarged Pores

What skin types

All skin types

Treatment duration

60 minutes

Treatable areas

Face, Neck, Eyes, Chest and Back

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Chemical peels at a glance

Variety of use cases

We carry various hand-selected chemical peels based on your unique needs and goals.

Exfoliate for a brighter glow

Applying a chemical solution to the skin causes it to exfoliate and peel off the outer layer of dead skin cells, promoting a smoother, brighter complexion.

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Chemical peels can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, including sunspots, age spots, and melasma, by targeting uneven pigmentation.

How it works

Step 1

You will begin your appointment with a consultation with your provider to assess your skin type, address any concerns, and determine the appropriate type and strength of the chemical peel for your treatment.

Step 2

After cleansing and preparing the skin, your provider will apply the chemical peel.

Step 3

After the treatment, your provider will apply any applicable post-care products to calm and soothe the skin, suggest any post-care products, and review at-home post-care instructions.

Before & After Instructions

  • Please wait to book this treatment if you have had cosmetic injections, sunburns, or tans within the past two weeks
  • Avoid products with AHA/BHA, Hydroquinone, retinol, aspirin, Tazorac, Differin, and Vitamin E within one week of your treatment.
  • Avoid any alcohol and excessive exercise within 24 hours of your treatment.
  • Apply sunscreen (minimum of SPF 30) to maintain results
  • Avoid washing the treated area, applying makeup, and excessive physical activity for at least 24 hours after your procedure
  • For at least one week, avoid direct UV exposure and exfoliation (this includes picking or scratching the skin around the treated area)
  • Avoid cosmetic injections and additional laser treatments for at least two weeks.
Pre Chemical Peel
Post Chemical Peel
Pre Chemical Peel
Post Chemical Peel
Pre Chemical Peel
Post Chemical Peel
Pre Chemical Peel
Post Chemical Peel

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Over 6,000 5-Star Google Reviews

Shae is the best and I love getting my laser hair removal done by her each month! She’s super down to earth, fun, easy to chat with, and does an excellent job. I 100% recommend laser with her!!!

Andrea Bergeson


Absolutely love Elase! The staff are kind and amazing. Hailey is the best! I highly recommend the Laser Hair Removal. Great prices and quick results. I only wish I’d done it sooner!

Constanza Astorga

Halle did an amazing job! She was thorough and so kind it was the best experience! They were so easy to work with and made me feel so comfortable! Highly recommend!

Maesee Bone


More questions? We’ve got you covered.

Chemical peel intensity and results tend to vary. There are mild chemical peels aimed at hydrating the skin while the aggressive chemical peels help to remove significant amounts of pigmentation. Depending on the peel applied, we recommend that you incorporate chemical peels into a skin care routine that includes monthly treatments.
Because chemical peels range in strength, the associated downtime also varies. For most peels, you can expect to see redness for up to 48 hours post treatment. Many clients will experience peeling and flaking about 3 days post treatment which can last for 3-5 days. For all chemical peel clients, you need to avoid direct extended sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after your peel.
This depends on what we are trying to accomplish. When we are treating a condition like pigmentation or melasma, we will recommend treatments every 6-8 weeks. We always recommend that you incorporate chemical peels into a comprehensive skin care plan that will include monthly skin care treatments.
Dive into the transformative world of Elase's chemical peel for acne scars, sun damage, and wide ranging skin issues— all our chemical peel treatments are customized by your skin type and needs. Imagine a chemical peel treatment that not only addresses the visible signs of aging but also tackles the stubborn acne scarring, all while evening out skin discoloration and boosting hydration. That's the power of our chemical peel for sun damage and more, designed to reveal the smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin you deserve. The chemical solution in our peels range from light and medium chemical peels to refresh and hydrate, to deep peels that target more significant skin issues like deep-set acne scars and pronounced sun damage. Effective for your unique skin type, our skin peel works by removing the outermost layers of dead skin cells, revealing the softer, healthier layer beneath. Whether you're battling active acne breakout, looking to diminish dark spots or acne marks, or seeking overall skin renewal, our skilled specialists are here to guide you through a personalized treatment plan. At Elase, we believe in a holistic approach to sensitive skin health for any skin condition, which is why we recommend incorporating this acne scar treatment with dermal fillers or Botox® for optimal skin tightening results. Suitable for every skin type and skin tone, our chemical peels are not just treatments; they're a commitment to your skin's ongoing health and beauty. With Elase, a world without acne marks, scarring, or dark spots isn't just a possibility—it's a promise.

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