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Lasers: How to Pick the Right Anti-Aging Treatment for Your Skin

October 10, 2017 | 3 min read
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    Celebrities are just like us—some are born with great genes, while others just know the right skin treatments to make them look like they did. So how do you choose a treatment that’s right for you when it seems like the choices are endless? We’re here to help.

    According to dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, the first order of business is to make sure the laser treatment is performed by a well-trained provider. “Make sure this is what they’ve been doing for a long time, not that they just took a weekend class and you’re their first person. But when in the right hands, lasers are great for the skin.”

    Fraxel Lasers

    This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants help with sun damage, fine lines and dullness. Kim Kardashian told Oprah that she is a big fan of this one. The Fraxel removes the outer layer of the skin to encourage collagen production. If you have a lot of sun damage, you might need two or three treatments, but the results are impressive, says Dr. Green. The procedure is relatively painless, thanks to a numbing cream that’s applied 30 minutes beforehand, and recovery time is around 5 days. Make sure you stay completely out of the sun during the recovery process.

    Clear and Brilliant

    Clear and Brilliant is basically a mini version of the Fraxel laser, and we’re told Christie Brinkley has it done regularly. This laser makes microscopic holes in the skin through heat to encourage regeneration and cell turnover. The nice thing is that there is absolutely no down time, but it does take about five sessions to get the results of one Fraxel treatment. The skin is red for about an hour after the procedure, and there is no pain, just a mild sensation.


    This procedure works similarly to the two above except it’s not done by a laser, but by an intense pulsed light that penetrates just below the skin’s surface. This treatment is sometimes referred to as a photofacial—it helps accelerate cell turnover, build collagen, is completely non-invasive, and has no downtime. The only caveat is that it could cause hyperpigmentation, so it’s not recommended for people with darker skin.

    V-beam and Trivantage

    The V-beam treatment is for those who have persistent redness and broken capillaries on the face. The pulsed light targets anything red and takes four to six sessions that should be spaced about 30 days apart. If you have sun spots on your face and body, the Trivantage laser takes just one or two sessions to remove dark spots and there is absolutely no down time.

    For more cost effective treatment, you could always do a Laser Facial, which is a soothing treatment that feels like you’re lying out in the sun. Laser Facials are great for reducing fine lines and moderate wrinkles.

    If you want to improve the look of your skin and don’t know where to start, let our experts help you. We can customize a routine that will achieve your beauty goals and help you feel good in your skin.

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