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Are You A Skincare Saboteur?

July 10, 2013 | 2 min read
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    Saboteur: a person who hinders or uses a treacherous action to defeat an endeavor.

    Hmmm… I believe I am a skincare saboteur.

    I’ve know that I’ve committed at least one or two of the following skincare no-no’s in my lifetime. What about you?


    Your pillow is not the friend you think it is. Pillows can cause serious skin problems if you don’t wash your make-up off every single night – yes… every single night. That’s because as you rub your face back and forth across your pillow – you’re grinding in that daily make-up and grime. Ugh!

    So, if you can’t manage to sleep on your back then wash or change your pillowcase every other day and consider silk pillowcases to protect your skin’s elasticity.

    Using Products Past Their Prime

    I’ve always used this test to decide if my make-up or skincare products are still good. Does it look different or smell funny? I know better.

    The experts tell us that lotion-based products have a shelf life of one year and powder-based products should be thrown out before they reach the two-year mark.

    Also, if you’ve had any kind of eye infection, cold sore, or contagious-anything related to your skin, get rid of those products pronto!

    The Wrong Skin Care Procedures and Products

    Dry, oily, or combination – throw in some acne or age spots and knowing how to handle your skin care concerns is a best guess for anyone. The answer is simpler that you think. Get a consultation from an expert like an experienced Master Esthetician.

    They are guides who will show you the way so that you’ll understand exactly what products and procedures you need so you can stop guessing and start saving money.

    Dirty Make-up Brushes

    Clean those make-up brushes at least once a week by saturating them with alcohol and then wiping them on a clean cloth to remove product, oil, and bacteria. And the expert recommendation is that at least once a month you shampoo your brushes with warm water and a gentle shampoo.

    Taking A Long, Hot Shower To Open Your Pores

    People still do this? According to NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, yes, and it’s messing with their skin. “Everyone loves the way a long, hot shower feels, and there is belief that the steam from the shower can help your pores,” she says. “Hot water dissolves your natural body oils and makes skin dry. Instead, aim for shorter showers in warm water. Once you’re out of the shower, use three separate towels to dry off (one for your face, one for your body and one for your hair), and moisturize your face first, then your body.”

    To talk about your skin concerns or to receive a free skincare consultation with an Elase Spa Master Esthetician or physician in Utah, call 1-801- 495-2737 because I’d lay money on the fact that you too are a skincare saboteur.

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