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Beauty on Your Terms: Love the Way You Feel

March 12, 2024 | 3 min read
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    Beauty on Your Terms 

    Walking into a med spa can be an intimidating experience. We get it. How you look is a deeply personal experience. Even though beauty norms have evolved in the past few decades, the rise of social media and remote work have made us all more fixated on our appearances. Whether you’re looking at yourself in a Zoom meeting or posting a selfie on your story, how you look impacts how you feel. And how you feel impacts how you live.  

    As these insecurities about appearances build up, they can cloud our judgement on our true beauty. Over time, these misconceptions can dull our shine, depriving us and the world of our light and brilliance.  

    That’s why we believe there should be no single standard for beauty. There is no one way a face should look, or a body should be. The only person who can define what’s beautiful is you.   

    That’s why Elase exists. To empower you to love the way you feel, look, and live in every season of life. Whether you’re getting married, starting a new job, navigating family and work, or simply enjoying retirement, Elase is there to support you on your journey to embracing who you are with confidence and joy.  

    As a part of our new brand refresh, we launched a campaign that’s all about defining beauty on your terms — from breaking down beauty norms to embracing natural beauty.  

    In an industry that can feel superficial, we believe it’s incredibly important for everyone to embrace their unique features and express themselves authentically. We want to help you highlight the features you love so that you can feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. 

    Watch Campaign Video

    In this campaign, we gathered a group of real Elase patients and asked them to define what beauty means to them. 


    Beauty on Your Terms Campaign: Featuring Real Elase Patients


    Name: Jorah 

    Age range: 20s-30s 

    What’s your favorite feature? My favorite feature is my smile. Smiling warms up my face and shows happiness. I mean, who doesn’t love to smile? 



    Name: Rachel

    Age range: 30s-40s

    What does beauty mean to you? Beauty means loving yourself from within and appreciating who you are. What comes from the inside will shine from the outside!



    Name: Stephanie 

    Age range: 30s-40s

    What does beauty mean to you? Beauty to me coincides with integrity — knowing who you are in a soulful level. It’s about how you project yourself and to have the willingness to love and be loved. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to accept my flaws and just focus on the things I love about myself.



    Name: Kristina 

    Age range: 50s-60s

    What does beauty mean to you? For me, beauty has to come from the inside. Otherwise, I’m constantly chasing what I was, and I don’t want to be who I was before. I want to be who I’m meant to be now. Beauty resonates confidence, being true to yourself, being authentic, and really loving yourself from the inside out. 


    What Does Beauty Mean to You?

    We asked this question to our community, and this is what you all had to say! 


    Your responses embody exactly what we are hoping to achieve this campaign—that beauty is more than just appearances. For some, it’s defined by comfort and joy; for others, it resides in the spirit of resilience in the face of adversity. Our community beautifully articulated a rich tapestry of perspectives of how beauty is defined. After all, it’s an answer we can only define ourselves.

    Love The Way You Feel

    Beauty is a factor in how we treat ourselves, but we understand that it can be daunting to find a starting point when it comes to navigating the world of skincare. In a world where there are hundreds of options to hydrate and brighten your face, we’re here to help you cut through that noise and offer personalized consultations. 

    Our promise is that you’ll leave our spas feeling transformed, inside and out. From our client coordinators to our dedicated providers, we’re here to celebrate and empower you. And with that newfound confidence, we hope you can approach life a little differently.  

    Elase Team

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