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Foolproof Ways to Make Your Fitness Goals Last All Year Long- and Longer

January 20, 2017 | 3 min read
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    We’ve all experienced the feeling we get when we don’t stick to our fitness resolutions. Most people break them before spring, and a third of us won’t even make it to the end of January. To top it off, these never-ending winter storms aren’t making it any easier to stay on track.

    After the initial excitement has worn off and your results hit a stand-still, it’s natural to lose motivation to keep going. But you don’t need extraordinary will power to get healthier this year.

    To support you through your journey, here are 8 foolproof ideas to help your resolutions last through January and hopefully longer.

    1. Grab a buddy

    Teaming up with someone who shares a common goal will not only make you accountable to someone other than yourself, but it will make any activity more fun.

    2. Put a simple plan into action

    This is where many people begin to veer off course because they start to overthink things. It doesn’t matter if the fitness routine you chose is the latest and greatest, it just matters if it will get you off your rump and put you into action. Just remember that the good plan you stick to is better than the perfect plan you abandon.

    3. Make resolutions realistic

    It’s important that your goals are achievable and that you don’t take on more than you can handle. Make sure that they are not only specific, but attainable as well. This will make any resolution less daunting.

    4. Mix it up

    If you drag your feet every time you have to jump on a treadmill, drop it and look for a more exciting version. Classes like Zumba, Soul Cycle and Pure Barre are popping up in gyms all over the country, and are a good way to keep things interesting.

    5. Set mini goals and reward yourself

    Research shows you’re more likely to succeed by breaking your goal into smaller chunks. Not only is it more manageable, but when you celebrate your small wins along the way, you’ll feel more positive and be driven to succeed. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself along the way. Treat yourself to some entertainment, a day at the spa, or whatever gives you joy.

    6. Jazz up your water

    It’s no secret that drinking more water will make all of your internal systems function better. Ample fluids will help your muscles rejuvenate, keep your skin in top shape, and help you control your calorie intake. Adding fresh fruit and herbs is our favorite way to spice up our water. Try citrus, cucumber, or strawberries and mint to help you down those glasses.

    7. Invest in new active wear

    A new outfit can do a lot to boost your motivation and get you excited for your workout. And you can do it without breaking the bank, many companies now offer chic options at a fraction of the price.

    8. Take it up a notch

    Transforming your body in additional ways will encourage you to stay on track and keep you motivated to go further. Elase offers several solutions to fit your needs. We have an innovative 360-degree approach to body sculpting that will help you reach those goals quickly. CoolScultping delivers precisely controlled cooling to effectively target and eliminate fat cells, with visible results after a single treatment. The Ultrashape uses non-thermal ultrasound technology to selectively destroy fat cells with no heat, no freezing and no pain; and the all-new VelaShape III offers exceptional cellulite smoothing results that greatly exceed its predecessors and competitors.

    Read more about our 360 Total Body Transformation here:

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