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Love Your Skin

February 1, 2023 | 2 min read
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    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re dressing up for date night with your significant

    other or spending the evening pampering yourself at home….we have the perfect gifts for you!


    Catch someone’s eye this Valentine’s season with the perfect skin care treatment! A staff favorite at

    Elase is the NEW BBL treatment. This new treatment is sold as a package in a series of 3 treatments.

    During this treatment, your Master Esthetician is able to treat age spots, small facial veins, and so many

    other skin conditions that are less favorable. Get ready for amazing results! Your skin will feel smoother,

    pores will be less noticeable and uneven pigmentation will fade. Check out the before and after photo

    below of one of our Elase clients who was treated with the BBL. Pretty amazing right?


    After you are treated with our staff favorite treatment of the BBL, don’t forget to grab our most

    recommended product for your post home care… Alastin’s Regenerating Skin Nectar. This product

    contains TriHex Technology and potent antioxidants that work with the skin’s natural regeneration

    process to help prep your skin before your treatment and to also use post treatment to speed up the

    healing process. It’s a must-have in our eyes for all clients that are receiving the BBL treatment!


    Not positive what skin care treatment your sweetheart would prefer? Right now you can spread the love with our Valentine’s gift card promotion and let them choose where to start on their skin care journey.

    To learn more about the BBL skin care treatment or to purchase an Elase gift card, visit or call 801.49.LASER for a FREE consultation.


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