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Vampire Skin Care Treatments: The Ultimate Breakdown!

October 11, 2022 | 2 min read
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    Halloween is the time for all things spooky and now is the perfect time for you to try the famous (and yes, slightly spooky) VAMPIRE treatments! The Vampire treatments are protocols that make use of your body’s plasma to aid in skin rejuvenation. Using your PRP (platelet-rich plasma) through microneedling, your skin will be nourished and achieve maximum rejuvenation benefits. Vampire Treatments help your skin receive structure, volume, and hydration.

    At Elase, we offer 3 different kinds of Vampire treatments:

    ​​Vampire Facial®

    Vampire Facial Plus® – PRF + Injections

    Vampire Face Lift® – PRF + Injections + Filler Injections

    How do you know which treatment is right for you? Here’s a breakdown: 

    The Vampire Facial® is the most basic of the three treatments. This microneedling service stimulates collagen regrowth. This means smoother, tighter, and newer looking skin! This is a great treatment for anybody wanting to prevent and reverse signs of aging.    

    The Vampire Facial Plus® is the next step up! With this treatment, we utilize PFR +  injections to target specific areas on the face that need rejuvenation. The PFR can be placed Under eyes, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, cheeks, jawline, etc! 

    Building on the first two treatments, the Vampire Face Lift® is the ULTIMATE Vampire treatment that includes the PRF injections and Filler Injections to dramatically youthen your skin. 

    What will my Vampire Treatment appointment look like?

    • First, the injector will want to discuss your desired goals so that they can help you achieve them! 
    • Then, they will clean your skin and apply a topical numbing cream.
    • After you are numb, the injector will draw a small amount of blood from your arm. 
    • The blood will be placed in a centrifuge that separates the PRP from the blood. 
    • If you are doing the Vampire Facial Plus® or Vampire Face Lift®, the Injector will inject the PRP back into the skin. With the Vampire Facial®, the PRP will be used in the microneedling process.
    • In total, the procedure usually takes no more than 45 minutes!

    Is there any downtime after the treatment? 

    Make-up cannot be applied for at least 24 hours post treatment. You can expect to have some redness for up to 72 hours post treatment. You may experience mild flaking 3-5 days post treatment if microneedling was used in your treatment.

    Save money on your Vampire services all October! To take advantage of our Vampire Treatments promotion, schedule consult here.

    To learn more about the Vampire Treatments, click here: 

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