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Dermal fillers restore and enhance the volume, structure, and definition of your facial features. There are several types of dermal fillers, but the most commonly used are hyaluronic acids. These products attract water in your tissues, which helps give you back that youthful, hydrated look. Experience and extensive knowledge about the aesthetics of a youthful face are critical to achieving good results with dermal fillers. Common treatment dermal filler treatment areas include:



Experience matters when it comes to medical spas in Utah. Elase is Utah’s largest and most experienced provider of the full suite of dermal fillers. Here are a few highlights of our experience to help you know you are making a great choice:










Because we customize your treatment to your needs, the cost of dermal fillers differ from person to person. The price you pay is based on which product is best for you and how many syringes are required to accomplish your goals. We recommend you consider an Elase Membership to get the very best value at every treatment. Join our newsletter to make sure you see all of the injection specials at Elase.

Dermal filler injections are a fairly comfortable treatment when provided by experienced aesthetic injectors.  Comfort level will vary by the area being treated and the technique being applied to achieve the best results.   We utilize numbing, ice and advanced techniques to help ensure your comfort.  Trust us… it’s worth it.

Yes.  Dermal filler injections have very little risk of side-effect or adverse reaction and are backed by decades of clinical studies.  Uncommon reactions to dermal fillers in Salt Lake City may include bruising or tenderness and redness at the injection site.  Our aesthetic injectors will review all of the potential outcomes related to dermal fillers before your treatment and make sure all of your questions are answered.

BOTOX is a neurotoxin.  Neurotoxins work by inhibiting muscle movement so they are ideal for areas like the forehead.  Dermal fillers help to restore lost volume, enhance facial structure or define facial features so they are ideal for areas like lips, cheeks and jawlines.

Results vary by client and depend on the amount of product used, type of product used and your individual metabolism.  Typical results last 1-2 years.  The more regularly you maintain your dermal filler treatments, the longer they typically last before requiring a touch-up.

All of our injections clients will first meet with an Elase consultant.  Our consultants are here to understand your goals and give you an idea of all of the options for treatment.  They will discuss options like skin care, laser rejuvenation and products and then help create a plan that is specific to your goal.

Medical grade skin care products, like those offered at Elase, make a significant contribution to your anti-aging results.  Plus, using high quality products help your results last longer.  We always recommend that you think about skin-care, not just in the spa, but at home also.

Elase has been providing dermal fillers in Utah and dermal fillers in Salt Lake City for over 16 years.  We’ve helped thousands of clients feel confident at a great value.  Our ranking as the #1 provider of ALL cosmetic injection products in Utah for over a decade comes from consistently delivering the very best anti-aging results.

The Elase Membership program offers you guaranteed exclusive pricing on every purchase of both products and services.  Members also receive triple loyalty rewards on select purchases. It works by you banking money on a monthly basis which you then redeem at Elase.  Elase memberships have no hidden costs, no credit checks, and no hidden fees; you’re simply guaranteeing you get the very best value for your investment.


Michelle Thayn Jan 27, 2022
Always pleasant and helpful. Very knowledgeable about Different procedures and Different types of Treatments. Very welcoming and Gratuitous. Always professional andIs it to your individual needs
Debra Young Jan 23, 2022
Enrique Lira Jan 23, 2022
Great service, beautiful and friendly staff! Thank you Nayely!
Kylie Cooper Jan 22, 2022
Chantill McKinley Jan 20, 2022
Brandy and Niki were great - both were super friendly and professional! Spa itself was super clean and I loved the decor. I’ll definitely be back!!
Lance Bagshaw Jan 18, 2022
I had an appointment today with Abigail. She was extremely professional and polite. She effectively communicated everything that was going on and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Abi is awesome Lance
Jamie Harwood Jan 15, 2022
I have had multiple laser treatments done by Michelle. Every time is a great experience! Michelle is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She helps me feel at ease in any treatment I have done. Elase is very clean, pleasant environment. I would definitely recommend!
Elizabeth Jauregui Jan 14, 2022
Great staff, amazing results. Love this place!
Lisa Dennison Jan 14, 2022
I really loved working with Michelle! She was professional, friendly and confident! I’ll be back!
Madeline Rolfes Jan 14, 2022
Kim Harmsen Jan 13, 2022
Abbey Gile Jan 13, 2022
Randanie Danjanovich Jan 12, 2022
malerie barlow Jan 11, 2022
The facial was great and esthetician was personable - i would recommend though, like other spas, giving a hand massage or something during the 10-15 minutes downtime while the serum sets ❤️
Angela Mickelsen Jan 10, 2022
Heidi was awesome. I will be going back.
Candice Schramm Jan 08, 2022
I get laser hair removal here and the staff is always really nice and professional. They check with you each time about the progress you’re seeing and they’ll make recommendations and changes about the intensity etc to treat you with. It’s been lovely knowing they customize it to make sure you see progress. These services were also a really good price for the services I’m getting!
gaser hassanein Jan 07, 2022
Lindsey at the front was so helpful I loved her…
R Milford Jan 06, 2022
Lauren Case Jan 02, 2022
Kristen was so fun and amazing! She listened and made sure I was taken care of!
Alexis Lloyd Whimpey Dec 31, 2021
I love going to Elase. The cleanziderm system combined with aesthetics treatments have been amazing for my skin. From the time you walk in, the American Fork front desk girls make you feel like family. Already booked my next treatment!