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A Holiday Season Full of Love!

It’s the busiest time of the year with everybody trying to find the perfect gift! What better way
than to give the gift of Elase, where we have something for everyone!
Here at Elase, we customize everything to fit your needs whether that be in skin care products,
memberships, or services! Don’t know where to start? Take advantage of our great gift card
promotion to spoil those that you love! Visit to view this promotion.

Elase is all about giving back to the community and providing relief to those in need.
This season Elase was able to help bless the YWCA Women’s Shelter by donating a list of
needed items for their in-house Candy Cane store! Cultivating community is one of our core
values and we are passionate about finding ways we can give back to those around us and
impacting the community in a positive way.