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Everybody loves a luscious lip. It’s the one feature where we all agree that bigger is better. Whether you want just your lips a little more plump or you want the full–blown glam look, we’ve got you covered. Our injectors specialize in creating a beautiful lip with all the right proportions. Regardless of the fullness, you’ll get a gorgeous, always natural look.



Experience matters when it comes to medical spas in Utah. Elase is Utah’s largest and most experienced provider of Juvederm and Restylane . Here are a few highlights of our experience to help you know you are making a great choice.










The cost of lip fillers depends on which product your injector chooses for you and how much product is needed to achieve your goals. We recommend you consider an Elase Membership to get the very best value at every treatment and join our newsletter to make sure you see all of the injection specials at Elase.

Lip filler injections are a fairly comfortable treatment when provided by experienced aesthetic injectors.  Comfort level will vary by patient.   We utilize numbing, ice and advanced techniques to help ensure your comfort.  Trust us… it’s worth it.

The cost of lip fillers depends on which product your injector chooses for you and how much product is needed to achieve your goals. We recommend you consider an Elase Membership to get the very best value at every treatment and join our newsletter to make sure you see all of the injection specials at Elase.

Results vary by client and depend on the amount of product used, type of product used and your individual metabolism.  Typical results last 6 months to 1 year.  The more regularly you maintain your lip filler treatments, the longer they typically last before requiring a touch-up. 

All of our injections clients will first meet with an Elase consultant.  Our consultants are here to understand your goals and give you an idea of all of the options for treatment.  They will discuss options like skin care, laser rejuvenation and products and then help create a plan that is specific to your goal.

Medical grade skin care products, like those offered at Elase, make a significant contribution to your anti-aging results.  Plus, using high quality products help your results last longer.  We always recommend that you think about skin-care, not just in the spa, but at home also.

Elase has been providing dermal fillers in Utah and dermal fillers in Salt Lake City for over 16 years.  We’ve helped thousands of clients feel confident at a great value.  Our ranking as the #1 provider of ALL cosmetic injection products in Utah for over a decade comes from consistently delivering the very best anti-aging results.

The Elase Membership program offers you guaranteed exclusive pricing on every purchase of both products and services.  Members also receive triple loyalty rewards on select purchases. It works by you banking money on a monthly basis which you then redeem at Elase.  Elase memberships have no hidden costs, no credit checks, and no hidden fees; you’re simply guaranteeing you get the very best value for your investment.


Olivia Petty May 17, 2022
Stephanie L May 12, 2022
I went in as my first time and the front desk person was nice and directed me to someone who was available. During my visit I got a consultation on my concern areas and even got some injections on my forehead that same day. The process was smooth and relatively painless. I didn’t feel pressured to purchase anything and was informed on the process. I paid with another associate at the end and that was it! As someone who doesn’t fit the “normal” customer base, I was extremely comfortable and satisfied with the entire process. I definitely recommend Elase to anyone thinking about getting any Botox or other work done, but nervous to actually do so.
Brikell Holstein May 12, 2022
I had laser hair removal for underarms and it was a great experience! My master esthetician, Jamie made me feel so comfortable with the treatment! I can’t wait to see her again soon!
Allina Reier May 11, 2022
Hydrofacial was beyond wonderful, literally glowing afterwards. Loved every second of it. Jamie was the master esthetician that did my facial and was fabulous. 100% Recommend!!!
Surfergirl Larsen May 09, 2022
Mallory Friedrich May 04, 2022
Jennifer Ochoa May 03, 2022
Jason Haugen Apr 30, 2022
Great service! McKayla has done all of my treatments and she’s been amazing!
Selena Castillo Apr 26, 2022
Very relaxing environment, I’m counting the days until my next appointment. I got so much great advise from Tara, she was friendly and made my nerves calm about getting Botox done for the first time. Love this place!!
Kim Landon Apr 26, 2022
Tara and Danielle are wonderful!
Anna Nelson Apr 25, 2022
Great experience, I highly recommend Elase. Tara took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me.
Lorena Valenzuela Apr 25, 2022
Tara Montoya was amazing and made me feel comfortable about the process.
Angie Montoya Apr 25, 2022
Very friendly environment, Tara is so helpful and knowledgeable.
Heather Holt Apr 23, 2022
So relaxing! Loved every second!
Lindsay Parker Apr 14, 2022
Brooke is fantastic, experienced, answered all my questions and more. I will definitely be returning to see her.
Tammi Bradford Apr 14, 2022
Kenzie was friendly, knowledgeable, and went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable during the procedure. Kenzie and all of the staff at this location are always very positive and professional.
Beth Dickson Apr 14, 2022
Camie Nielson Apr 13, 2022
Kylie is the best!
Shawntanice21 Alice1 Apr 13, 2022
Tara Kirkpatrick Apr 13, 2022
Staff in Farmington were far from warm and welcoming. Ladies behind the front desk sat on their phones, I had to tell them I was done with my paperwork 3 times before either of them heard me and looked up from their phones. Esthetician was great.