CoolSculpting for Double Chin and Neck: Procedure, Cost, Side Effects, and Photos

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to lose your double chin? You’re not alone; many people can feel less confident because of that pesky fat deposit, but we’re here to help you regain some self-love.

At Elase Spa, we want everyone who visits our facilities to feel like their best self when they leave, and we know the self-consciousness a double chin can bring. That’s why we offer Coolsculpting, a revolutionary procedure in fat reduction, to help our clients look and feel their best.

But first, it’s important to know all the ways to best get rid of a double chin.

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How Do People Get a Double Chin?

First of all, double chins are a completely natural, and sometimes inevitable, part of life. And it doesn’t always have to do with how you eat; here are some common causes of double chins you should know about.

Poor Posture

When you’re hunched over, your neck muscles aren’t putting in the work to support your head properly. These muscles will start to shrink, which then causes surrounding skin to lose its elasticity. 


We’re sad to say that time will eventually cause the skin to lose its elasticity. Spots with higher fat deposits will start to sag, leading to a more accentuated double chin.


Double chins can be a genetic trait, which is very difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise. But don’t worry, you have other options for reducing chin fat!

Poor Diet and Exercise

As you consume excess calories, your body will store them in fat deposits in places like your abdomen, thighs, arms, and under your chin.

Dramatic Weight Loss

It’s a cruel irony that sudden weight loss can cause a double chin. When fat deposits are quickly removed through liposuction or intensive weight loss, your skin doesn’t have time to tighten back up, causing it to droop and sag where the fat once was.

How to Avoid a Double Chin

While diet and exercise isn’t the only contributing factor to a double chin, they’re the best way to reduce fat and avoid a double chin altogether. Here are some helpful health practices for how to get rid of chin fat:

  • Practicing portion control
  • Avoiding fried and processed foods
  • Eating three to four servings of fruits and vegetables a day
  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Eating healthy fats from nuts, avocados, and olive oil

For those of you on the other end of the double chin crusade, who have already tried all of these diets and exercise regimens, it may be time to look into Coolsculpting.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Scientists discovered you don’t have to burn fat to get rid of it. It turns out freezing works too! Coolsculpting comes from the scientific concept of cryolipolysis, which is basically using cold temperatures to freeze and kill fat tissue. Your body then naturally processes these crystalized fats and filters them out of your system.

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure, meaning there won’t be any surgical scars from getting the procedure done.

Can CoolSculpting Be Done On Double Chin?

Yes. In fact, Coolsculpting was specifically designed for stubborn fat, like upper arms, belly, and double chins. These areas hold onto fat even after months of diet and exercise have helped you lose fat in other places. Coolsculpting helps to solve this irritating problem.

You may be worried how this procedure will make your neck area look, but rest assured, there won’t be any need to wear turtlenecks (unless you’re going for a bohemian look). The process is noninvasive and easy to administer.

Does it Really Work?

It isn’t too good to be true—Coolsculpting can really help reduce the fat in your neck and double chin. The procedure even has peer-reviewed clinical papers and FDA approval to back it up. 

Of course, this procedure won’t make you immune to getting a double chin in the future. If you don’t want your double chin to come back, your Coolsculpting procedure needs to be paired with proper diet and exercise.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

Coolsculpting is for anyone who is interested in spot reduction or losing accumulated fat in a particular area after they’ve reached their desired weight. This procedure is a way to accent the efforts you make to enhance your natural beauty. It’s not for those who are looking for a quick weight loss tool. 

The CoolSculpting DoubleChin/Neck Procedure

A healthcare professional can perform this neck fat reducing procedure with either a handheld applicator or by placing an applicator under the chin of the patient. After applying a gel pad under the chin, the healthcare professional will place the device under the chin and hold it there for 30-45 minutes, while it applies suction and cooling properties.

Patients may experience pinching and pulling sensations due to the procedure, but these feelings will go away as your body goes numb from the cold. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the body’s natural response for protection against intense cold. 

After treatment, the patient is massaged in the affected area in order to bring the temperature back to normal levels and break up any frozen deep tissue.

Coolsculpting experts suggest that two treatment sessions are necessary to see optimal results.

Recovery Time

Little to no recovery time is required after Coolsculpting, and most people can get back to their usual routines immediately after the procedure. While some redness and soreness may persist around the chin and neck, this will usually go away after a couple of weeks.


The results from Coolsculpting a double chin are not immediate; it takes a while for the body to break down the dead fat cells and filter them through the liver.

You may start to see results three weeks after the procedure, but after two to three months is when most people see a noticeable difference. The frozen fat cells will continue to flush out of the body for up to six months after.

Keep in mind that your body is resilient., and the targeted area may not reduce as much as you hoped for. Fat cells that were deeper under your tissue may not have been fully exposed to the freezing process and will eventually reappear rather than die off. But don’t worry, that’s why two treatments are often recommended.


Other than where you get the treatment, the cost of Coolsculpting is generally determined by the size of the targeted area. Most vendors will charge upwards of $1,400 per treatment for Coolsculpting the neck and chin area, while Elase offers our premium services for $750 to $1,500 per treatment. 

Side Effects

With how safe and effective it is, you shouldn’t have to worry about serious side effects. Some mild skin and tissue irritation is natural, given the extreme temperatures your neck was exposed to. This procedure won’t have any negative effects on your skin or muscle tissues, since Coolsculpting does not cut into those areas. Though these side effects will resolve in a few weeks, you can expect to see the following:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Numbing sensation under the chin

More extreme side effects may include:

  • Severe numbing of the skin
  • Bloating under the chin
  • Extreme pain around the affected area

Though it’s extremely rare, some patients develop paradoxical adipose hyperplasia under their chin. This condition not only causes the frozen fat cells to redevelop over time, they actually get larger. So yes, this condition could actually make your double chin worse. While this severe side-effect is purely cosmetic rather than life-threatening, it can be very frustrating.

CoolSculpting Double Chin Before and After Pictures

Check out these Coolsculpting before and afters of double chins to get a better idea of whether this treatment is right for you: 

double chin coolscultping

Fighting Your Double Chin with Elase

If you’ve consulted with your doctor about how to get rid of your double chin and feel that Coolsculpting is the right next step, Elase Medical Spa is happy to help with our Coolsculpting services. We always conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and respect to our clients. 

It’s our job to help you feel strong and confident in your own skin. Contact Elase Medical Spa today to get a free consultation about Coolsculpting your double chin!