CoolSculpting for Thighs, Legs, and Knees: Procedure, Cost, Side Effects, and Photos

Even with the most intense workout regimens, it can be so hard getting rid of those small deposits of fat. While working out will definitely make you feel more energetic, healthy, and confident, that pinchable thigh fat has a way of sticking around. It’s okay, this is a struggle that we all experience at one point or another in our lives.

If you’re looking to feel more confident in your swimsuit this summer, you might want to look into CoolSculpting, a procedure that has revolutionized the fat reduction industry. Here at Elase Medical Spa, we are dedicated to helping our customers look and feel like their best selves and are proud to offer this procedure.

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The Facts about Leg Fat

There are plenty of myths out there about what causes leg fat. That’s why we want to take a second and address some facts about lower body fat, so you can have a better idea of the solution to your problem.

It’s True, Women Are More Prone to Lower Body Fat

Women naturally store more body fat in their legs than men. Female hormones cause fat to be stored in the thighs, pelvis, and buttocks to help the body support childbearing and breastfeeding. Also, remember that a healthy body fat percentage for women is higher than it is for men. 

You Can’t Target Leg Fat in a Workout

This is actually true for any part of the body. Even if you specifically target the leg muscles with workouts, like lunges, squats, and leg lifts, you’re just strengthening those muscles, not burning fat. Your body uses all of your fat storage to use energy, not just around the muscles you work on. The best way to lose fat in one area is through losing fat all over the body through fat-burning exercises.

Lower-Body Fat Is Healthier Than Belly Fat

Even with large legs, lower-body fat can actually be a healthier form of fat for your body to hold on to.

There are two main kinds of fat in an adult body: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is just under your skin and is the “pinchable” kind of fat. This is the kind of fat that people are most aware of and try to lose the quickest.

Visceral fat is not visible, and is instead stored around your internal organs. In excess, this fat poses a significant health risk, as it contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

Lower body fat is all subcutaneous, which is obviously good news. While you want to limit how much fat you have in total, it’s important to know that having a little is healthy.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a relatively new cosmetic practice that utilizes suction and freezing technology to kill fat cells. The process, known as cryolipolysis, then allows for the body to process the dead fat cells over the next few months, leaving you with less fat in the treated area.

Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting does not require any surgery and helps to accelerate your body’s natural process of using fat, rather than removing the fat entirely.

Can CoolSculpting Be Done on Legs?

Absolutely. We know that legs hold onto some extra fat. CoolSculpting is the perfect option for taking care of stubborn fat on your thighs, knees, and lower legs.

CoolSculpting thighs can be incredibly effective for removing both outer and inner thigh fat. This helps to give you a sculpted leg on the outside and even achieve the coveted thigh gap.

Your knees can hold onto a pretty large amount of fat. A lot of it can be slimmed from toning your leg muscles, but sometimes you won’t see the results you’re hoping for. In this case, CoolSculpting inner knee fat is definitely an option.

And cankles, those cursed things! Fat that’s stored near your ankles can ruin the tapered look to your legs. CoolSculpting your lower legs will help if your weight loss program hasn’t done its job down there.

Does CoolSculpting Really Work? 

Yes, but you have to use it for the right reasons. In other words, it should not be used as a means of quick weight loss. The purpose of CoolSculpting is to get rid of excess fat after you’ve already reached your ideal weight. When paired with proper diet and exercise, CoolSculpting is known to have outstanding effects.

Who Can Get CoolSculpting Treatment?

CoolSculpting is designed for anyone looking to slim down their legs or other parts of their body. Whether or not you’re an eligible candidate for CoolSculpting, however, will largely depend on your current weight and BMI. Obese and overweight patients are not ideal candidates. Rather, if you’ve been consistent with your exercise and efforts in calorie control, you should be all set for CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting is great for killing fat cells, but there are some conditions you shouldn’t expect it to be very helpful with, including lipedema.

Lipedema is when fat is abnormally distributed beneath the skin, and is known to affect 11 percent of women. While it starts out as just a cosmetic issue, it can cause pain and other ailments. The best way to treat this condition is through manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise, and liposuction for extreme cases.

The CoolSculpting Procedure

We get it—going into any medical procedure is daunting, but rest assured, a healthcare professional will be right beside you throughout the procedure, ensuring that each step is taken with great care. They first apply a gel pad to the target area to help protect the top layer of skin during treatment. Then they will place a handheld applicator on the target area that will use suction and controlled cooling to kill the fat cells.

In total, the process takes about 35 minutes. If you’re looking to treat multiple target areas during a session, they will have to be treated one at a time.

Patients may experience pinching and pulling sensations due to the procedure, but these feelings will go away as your body goes numb from the cold. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the body’s natural response for protection against extreme cold. 

After treatment, the patient is massaged in the affected area in order to bring the body temperature back to normal levels and break up any frozen deep tissue.

And don’t worry, CoolSculpting is non-invasive, so you can get back to your normal routine immediately after the procedure.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

Depending on the results you want to see, you may need to treat the same area twice or more. If you pair CoolSculpting your legs with a proper diet and workout regimen, you’ll be less likely to need more treatments in the future.


You won’t see immediate results from CoolSculpting your legs, thighs, or knees. It takes time for your body to naturally process the dead fat cells out of your system through your liver. While you may start to see a noticeable change a few weeks after the treatment, the biggest difference can be seen after two to three months.

The targeted area may not reduce as much as you hoped for. Fat cells that were deeper under your tissue may not have been fully exposed to the freezing process and will eventually reappear rather than die off. That’s why two treatments are often recommended.


The cost of CoolSculpting legs will vary depending on the size of the area you’re hoping to target. CoolSculpting inner thighs usually runs for $750 per leg, for a total of $1500. The same rates apply for CoolSculpting your outer thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Side Effects

Given the extreme temperatures of the treatment, some mild skin irritation is natural. However, the procedure is designed to only target fat, so surrounding skin and muscles won’t be affected. If there are side effects, they usually resolve within a few weeks. The following are common after CoolSculpting legs:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness

More extreme side effects may include:

  • Severe numbing of the skin.
  • Extreme pain around the affected area.

Though it’s extremely rare, some patients develop paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This condition not only causes the frozen fat cells to redevelop over time, but they also grow larger. So yes, this condition may make more unwanted thigh fat. While this severe side-effect is purely cosmetic rather than life-threatening, it can be very frustrating.

CoolSculpting Thighs Before & After Pictures

Check out these before and afters to get a better idea of whether this treatment is right for you: 

CoolSculpting Thighs before and after

Sculpt Your Legs with Elase

Don’t keep waiting for the fat to go away. Consult with your doctor to see if CoolSculpting your legs is an option for you. Our CoolSculpting procedure at Elase Medical Spa can help shape your legs to how you’ve always imagined they should be. 

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