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Nobody loves a double chin. Sometimes, even with exercise and diet, our genes just won’t cooperate. Kybella® is the solution. Kybella® is the only FDA-approved treatment designed to destroy the fat cells beneath your chin, giving you the more chiseled look you want.


Each treatment involves tiny injections under the chin and takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, it gradually breaks down fat cells over a few weeks. Most patients use one or two vials in a treatment and need two to three treatments to get full results. Because Kybella® kills fat cells permanently, they won’t come back, which prevents the need for repeat treatments. ​



Elase is the number-one provider of Kybella® in Utah. Here are a few more credentials to help you know Elase is the right choice:









Treatments are spaced six to eight weeks apart, and full results are generally seen eight weeks after your last treatment.

Most clients will require 2-3 sessions to achieve the look they want.    

Most clients experience tenderness and swelling for at least a week after each treatment. We recommend that you schedule your treatment at least a month before any significant social engagements.

Anybody that has excess submental (chin) fat is an ideal candidate for Kybella®

All of our skin care clients will first meet with an Elase consultant. Our consultants are here to understand your goals and give you an idea of all of the options for treatment. They will discuss options like skin care, laser rejuvenation, and products and then create a plan that is specific to your goal.  

Medical-grade skin care products, like those offered at Elase, make a significant contribution to your anti-aging results. Plus, using high-quality products make your results last longer. We always recommend that you think about skin care — not just in the spa, but also at home. 

Elase has been providing skin care, anti-aging, laser hair removal and cosmetic injections in Salt Lake City, Utah, for over 16 years. We’ve helped thousands of clients feel confident at a great value. Our ranking as the number-one provider in Utah for over a decade comes from consistently delivering the very best results. 

The Elase Membership program offers you guaranteed exclusive pricing on every purchase of both products and services.  Members also receive triple loyalty rewards on select purchases. It works by you banking money on a monthly basis which you then redeem at Elase.  Elase memberships have no hidden costs, no credit checks, and no hidden fees; you’re simply guaranteeing you get the very best value for your investment.   


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arianna richins Sep 22, 2022
Elase was amazing! I was thrilled with my results!! Gina was who I saw the most, she truly cared about my experience and me as a person! Easy scheduling and they worked with me personally to see to my needs 🙂 I will definitely return for all my treatments and I can’t wait to try some of their other services!
Michelle B Sep 22, 2022
I’ve been getting my laser treatments here for over a year. Gina is wonderful! She’s professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. I was so nervous the first time I went in. Thanks to Gina, my entire laser experience has been a breeze. I can’t recommend her enough!
Leanne Rivas Sep 22, 2022
Mariana Maldonado Sep 21, 2022
Cara Foote Sep 21, 2022
Ryan Lopez Sep 21, 2022
Everyone is very nice and accommodating. Front desk is always friendly when I call. Equipment is high quality and provides quality results. They even let me park my bike in the front lobby and put up with me in my cycling gear. Cat was so helpful she shaved off some hair that I missed, made sure to cool me down after the hair removal, and even applied Aloe for me so I did not overheat on the bike ride home.
Camille Taylor Sep 21, 2022
Vanessa Magali Sotelo Urcino Sep 21, 2022
Leyni A Sep 20, 2022
Madison Jensen Sep 20, 2022
Love elase! Cat did great with my laser hair removal and made sure I was comfortable every step. Honestly all of the staff are great! I would highly recommend them for everything.
Mark N Becky Bibler Sep 16, 2022
Elase is an amazing place to get professional quality skills care. The staff is very knowledgeable & welcoming. I would highly recommend Elase!
Eshelle Rodriguez Sep 15, 2022
I've only been to the Farmington location however, everyone there has always been extremely friendly, very helpful, and so very knowledgeable.
Sarah N. Leavitt Sep 12, 2022
Great deals on laser treatment. Very comfortable experience.
Palma Caraveo Sep 09, 2022
destiny dunn Sep 09, 2022
Hailey always does such a good job! Super cute and always makes sure I’m happy with my results.
Ashley Cook Aug 31, 2022
Sofia Manila Jan Aug 25, 2022
McKenzie is the best !! She took a wonderful care of me !! I go in for my facial treatment . I always feel the best after each treatment 🥰
Jessica Miranda Aug 24, 2022
Sheryl De Vries Schnathorst Aug 24, 2022
Elase Spa is great McKenzie is very nice and knows how to make it an enjoyable experience