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I Am Zambia

I Am Zambia’s mission is to empower at-risk girls  to become gainfully employed by providing no-cost business, computer and english education, as well as providing them with life-changing job skills through an internship in IAZ’s partner organization, BlessUp Bakery.  Through both education and hands-on training, young girls are able to become poverty cycle-breakers, changing the course of their lives and their families lives.  Elase is proud to support I Am Zambia in it’s shared vision of empowering women to be their most remarkable selves.  I Am Zambia is a 501c3 organization.

I Am Zambia is a passion project for our founder, Carrie Brinton, who is an active volunteer and Board Member of the organization.  Elase has committed to sustaining the operations of Bless Up Bakery through monetary support and lot’s of volunteer hours.  Carrie travels to Zambia bi-annually to train a new group of interns.  She also does a weekly video call with the bakery team!  Donations made by Elase help provide inventory, equipment, uniforms and marketing budget for the bakery.  Our donations are also used for several other IAZ projects including building and supplying a rural village school, building a local medical clinic and erecting housing for the school staff.

Any donation you make will go directly towards impacting the lives of these incredible young women.


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U-SA Cares For Life

U-SA Cares for Life is a non-profit organization that supports mothers and children in South Africa effected by abuse or impacted by HIV.  SA Cares creates safe community homes for at risk women and children where they can live and be supported, developing essential life skills, education and be provided with resources.  SA Cares provides crucial prevention and intervention programs that help keep the effected population safe and thriving until they can return to a positive family environment.

Elase provides annual monetary support for this amazing organization.


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Granite Education Foundation

Even in Utah hundreds of kids leave school each day not knowing if they will have a meal again until they return to school.  Focusing in school, completing homework and participating in extra-curricular activities is challenging when you are hungry.  The Granite Education Foundation’s mission: By addressing basic and emergency needs, supporting efforts to end intergenerational poverty and collaborating with GSD community centers; our goal is for all students to come to school ‘ready to learn’.  

Each year, Elase team members prepare and donates hundreds of after-school meal kits.  These kits are simple but impactful.  Each kit contains 2-3 days worth of simple meals and snacks that can help sustain a child after school or over the weekend.  Kits are provided to school counselors who can then work with each child’s unique circumstances and help them thrive through their formative years. 


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Huntsman Cancer

Our annual Elase “Pamper Me Pink” event is geared towards promoting the Huntsman Cancer Institute. During this event, we offer our clients great discounts on products, services and also host a raffle and silent auction. All of the proceeds from this raffle and silent auction are donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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