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SHE’S SIMPLY AMAZING is a female empowerment podcast that tells the stories of women who do simply amazing things.

For over 16 years, Carrie Brinton as co-founder of Elase Medical Spas and NIMA Institute, has worked with thousands of women, of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, from all over the country. She has the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with inspiring women whose stories have touched her, taught her and supported her. This podcast is all about bringing those stories to you. Hear their stories of triumph over tragedy and focus in adversity. Listen how they have developed major grit to carry them to impressive accomplishments and creative ways of living huge and beautiful lives.


Listen to life changing experiences as Carrie Brinton shares some insightful stories of women that have lived Simply Amazing lives.

Making Your Weird Your Wow

Carrie Brinton (co-founder of Elase Medical Spas and the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics) shares some insightful stories from the last 16 years of empowering women together, including some embarrassing reveals about Carrie’s teenage years!

Knowledge is Power

Shari Quai has faced struggles in life that many would consider unbearable. Yet, she continues to radiate beauty, positivity and optimism. Shari shares her story of losing a child and being diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer.

Owning Your Story

Angie Frantzen is the co-found of The Opus Foundation, a non-profit that provides safe houses and rehabilitation for Ugandan children who are victims of ritualistic abuse. For many years, Angie held back from getting involved because of her past. And then one day she decided to simply own her own story… and that changed everything.

Creating Female Heroines

Tiffany Rosenhan just released her first book “The Girl From Nowhere” – a young adult thriller about a teenage heroine that speaks 12 languages, runs in snowstorms, can assemble a Glock pistol in under 20 seconds. Tiffany shares her journey of living out her dream of becoming an author. The fact that she did it while being a busy mom of 4 young girls, restructuring her life to care for her husband after a serious stroke, and ultimately publishing her work during a pandemic, is a total inspiration.

Self Love & Healing

Shelley Mae Swendson is an entrepreneur, speaker, educator, and life-coach. She shares how her experiences with betrayal in relationships catapulted her into a search for a stronger, fuller sense of self and helped her inspire others to do the same.

The Dangers of Competition

Erin Monson has been an elite athlete her whole life. From tennis to Cross-Fit she has always pushed herself to be the very best. And then that competitive drive turned into something that overtook her life, her health and her happiness.


Maskne: Is it a real thing!

In this episode, your host, master esthetician, and (most importantly) your girlfriend, Kylene May, gives some helpful tips to help you battle this crazy new norm of wearing masks all day.


Chemical Peels (part one)

Did you know that you can improve dark spots? Or brighten dull skin? In this Bonus episode, your host, master esthetician, and (most importantly) your girlfriend, Kylene May, answers some common questions about chemical peels.


Chemical Peels (part two)

The second part of the Fun Fabulous Beauty Tip: Chemical Peels.